Targeting motion detection

With the motion detection feature active while aiming set the sensitivity level to that which is slightly above the naturally changing level.

Active USB cable

Use an Active USB cable to extend the distance between your camera and your computer. Place the camera in a location such as a doorway or outside window.

For professional results bolt your camera into position.

Do not unplug the Camera while the software is operating, as this will crash the program.

Do not use your camera in locations where it may become wet.

If you want to use two cameras at once a USB hub will allow you to use the same Active USB Cable to allow both cameras to operate at once.

Timelapse mode uses large amounts of disk space if you leave it running for long periods of time.

The motion detection feature works just as well within the target zone and uses much less of your computer resources,

Using Hubs: Just Plug and Play it is that easy. Add repeater cables web cameras and even another hub. But if your may not supply enough power for two cameras, if this happens the second camera will appear black which switched on.

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